Bing Copied Google Again Come With 2 New Feature

by / Thursday, 22 November 2018 / Published in Blog, SEO Updates

Advertising on Bing Ads with 3rd Headline,2nd Description

Bing extended its Text advertisements recently and thus user now able to add more text in both the headline and description.
Extended content advertisements will have the accompanying enhancements

  • An additional headline
  • Up to 90 characters of text can be added in each of the descriptions
  • An additional description headline and description
    This means Bing expanded text ads can now take up to three headlines and two descriptions.

Each headline can have up to 30 characters. Individual headlines will get separated by a “|” symbol.

The third headline may not appear in some cases, so ensure you add the most important text in the first two headlines.

online view

The appearance of the third headline will be decided on the basis of Bing’s user’s response signals and device size.

Try to put the most important text in the headline.

Like the third headline, the second headline isn’t guaranteed to be displayed on all devices.

The additional title and description can be added through new fields available below the ones which were already available for expanded text ads.

These extra fields are completely optional, so it’s up to advertisers whether to include or not. This update is now available to all Bing Ads advertisers globally.

Bing Ads Launches Recurring Insertion Order’s

Bing Ads with 3rd Headline,2nd Description

Bing Ad’s enable its advertiser’s to create insertion orders which automatically renew after a scheduled time period end.

Recurring insertion orders (IOs) help advertisers ensure their accou nt will remain live without a need to create regular new IOs.

Advertisers now don’t need to think about the next IOs and also they will be able to manage IOs individually.

Bing says it’s fulfilling a need that isn’t being met by any other advertising product.

“This is a need currently unmet in the search advertising space. Recurring insertion orders help facilitate your insertion order management and grant you the peace of mind to keep your accounts running with ease.”

Create a recurring insertion order –

  • Go to Accounts & Billing page
  • Click “Insertion Orders” tab
  • Click “Create order”
  • Choose “Create a recurring insertion order”
  • Select a name for the recurring IO
  • Choose a frequency either it’s monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Choose an end date