Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: What’s Best For Your Business In 2020

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To attain success, today’s businesses must use online advertising as it is very decisive for them. It is quite known to all that the Internet is the most popular medium to search for information regarding not only businesses but various other matters. It is being used by consumers to seek and decide and then interact with a business.

The Big Debate on Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

According to a study more than 95% of consumers search online for business related queries. The modern businesses are taking this opportunity to advertise their services and products. It has been found that online ads garner near about 95% of the revenue for Google.  On the contrary, Facebook earns around 93% of their whole advertising revenue through mobile ads. The Internet user is showed up about 1700 ads monthly. This improves to raise the business or a brand by at least 30%. 

Thus, it is quite clear that online ads play a vital factor in your business marketing plan. To execute this marketing plan you need to choose a profitable advertising channel. Before you opt for a certain channel think about the outcome you want to receive.  Right now there are two leading advertising channel flourishing online i.e., Google & Facebook. But Google Ads and Facebook Ads completely differ from each other. Expecting same kind of outcome from both the channels would not stand up to your expectations.

Let us see a comparison of Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, before you conclude anything.

1) For accelerating sales any business will be opting for Google Ads which is the best network. It helps targeting audience to boost sales. But, to build brand awareness and reach an audience Facebook Ads can be counted as useful. Facebook Ads leaves a mark on the mind of an audience which further helps in remarketing or remembering the brand for more time.  

2) Google Ads are categorized into two categories namely the Display Network and the Search Network. Facebook Ads are a part of Display Network. Google Ads can be part of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Any website that runs Google AdSense program can be utilized for advertisement through Google. But, Facebook Ads runs only on the network of Facebook, which generates about 2.2 billion users monthly. So, to reach new audience Facebook Ads can be a better option.    

3) Google mainly target its audience as per keywords. Keywords help in showing advertisements on the search pages. Targeting audience through Google Ads can be more specific. The display of ads as per the matches of keywords can be managed precisely with Google Ads. On the other hand demographics and interests play the main role of targeting audience for Facebook Ads. As the behavior of audience overlaps, Facebook Ads doesn’t guarantees targeting of intended users. 

4) Google Ads facilitates remarketing and related audience to assist your business to create awareness about your brand. Facebook Ads carries out remarketing based on customer data and website pixel.

5) While using Google Ads, user behavior can be tracked with the help of Google Analytics. And to do so certain code is added to some of the pages. However, tracking Facebook Ads is bit tricky as all pages are added with a tracking code. Facebook uses diverse codes for diverse actions, without having to do anything with Google Analytics.

6) As you make up your mind on what’s best for your business in 2020, you must take into consideration the cost factor. The online platform that you gradually opt for have a noteworthy influence on the expenses of gaining consumers. According to a study Facebook Ads are quite reasonable than Google Ads. The average CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) for Facebook Ads ranges from $5 – $10. And if you spend around $10 in Google Ads it is supposed to bring 2-3 clicks, which too is based upon the keywords you have put your bids on. Facebook Ads reaches to a larger audience incurring less expense whereas Google Ads are turning out to be costly.

7) Google and Facebook both boast of an enormous size of audience. Google is being used for more than 3.5 billion queries each day. Facebook’s daily users exceed more than 2 billion. The exact or approximate number of Google users are not known as one can use Google without creating an account. However, Facebook Ads can be targeted for near about 2.5 billion active users monthly. Everyone knows that the most liked or preferred social media network all over the world is Facebook. Although when it comes to online searches or queries Google is the main player.

It might be reasonably speculative to decide which online advertising platform is suitable for your business. The above discussed features might help in choosing either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You might even ponder running both Google Ads and Facebook Ads at the same time.

Will it be of any advantage? Yes, it can be profitable if you can invest. Running online advertising on both Google and Facebook might be a comprehensive marketing strategy. To promote your business and brand using the paid search platform and paid social media is considered as an effectual method. Incorporating the strategy of online advertising any business can attain success. So, if you think you can achieve worthy results implicating only one online advertising platform try using two at a time and see the outcome.

Our Recommendation on Google Ads vs Facebook Ads 

Most marketing professionals would urge to test both and observe what comes out before you finalize on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Facebook has the capacity to create brand awareness at quite low expense.

Google is the foremost approach of any customer who wants to look out something and purchase it. Google has the capability to reach across various online platforms. Even then if you are unable to decide on implementing online ads, you should approach an Internet Marketing company. One such renowned company is the Iknoor Technology Pvt. Ltd.
It will not only provide you the best advertising approach but also other wholly incorporated range of back-to-back IT solutions. They will help you to understand what type of audience searches about your brand and how to target them.

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