Clients can opt for a dedicated web server that would enable them to enjoy operational controls. We provide with the hardware and software support to enable you to manage the servers. Though there are companies that opt for shared hosting services, but it is always better to have a better understanding of what each sector entails.

With dedicated server hosting the web hosting would be done on a server that belongs to you completely as against the shared hosting. Thus this entails a huge list of benefits:

  • With the dedicated hosting one is entitled to a great deal of support and high performance right from the start. This becomes more useful when one sees a complex website that needs a lot of processing power, or a site that has a lot of visitors. In order to ensure for a smooth operation for such sites it is best to opt for dedicated web hosting servers.
  • As against shared servers dedicated hosting is less prone to crashing; and there is a faster response time that offers a greater degree of reliability and effectiveness in web hosting scenarios.
  • Increased and ensured security: With more websites hosted on one server the security of the sites becomes vulnerable to hackers. Thus with the dedicated server hosting one eliminates all the risks of sites getting hacked or infected by viruses.
  • Dedicated server offers flexibility to expand and grow the sites as and when needed. ITPL works on the fact that all our clients would have an inevitable need to grow and expand; therefore this automatically implies increased bandwidth. This can be catered to with the dedicated server hosting facility only. We all know that greater bandwidth equates greater speed with quicker operations.

Thus for operations that are growing at enormous speed or for companies that are looking or secure hosting platforms, ITPL provides for dedicated hosting facilities to suit our client’s individual needs.