Shared Hosting entails sharing the servers with websites that are hosted on similar platforms. Whether one chooses the shared, dedicated, or VPS hosting facility, ITPL’s team is there to manage it for you very effectively. We ensure and suggest the choice of the right server facilities to ensure guaranteed performance for our client’s website.

By choosing the right kind of hosting solutions we ensure that there is greater focus and control offered with the technical expertise over the chosen services and support system.

  • With the shared hosting facilities; comes the cost effectiveness of the solutions. As there are many websites residing on one server, it ensures for greater cost efficiency for the operators. Thus for small scale business operators or new companies that are on cost cutting strategies, it is very beneficial. This is because the cost of the websites is equally divided amongst individual websites that share the same server. Thus for companies that do not require a good bandwidth and space, one can resort to shared web hosting facilities.
  • There is greater control over the content that is created as against the dedicated servers which enable a greater control over technology created
  • With the shared web hosting plans the upkeep and maintenance of the server is done by ITPL. So even if the client is not technically abreast, they do not have to get into the intricacies as we are there to steer your site very effectively.
  • Further having shared web hosting plans do not suggest that this is the final selections that the clients have done. In case our clients feel that their business is growing we allow them with the flexibility to switch to dedicated hosting plans. Our technical expertise in these matters can be entrusted to give you the best results.
  • With the shared plans our clients can concentrate on the core business aspects. This is because they do not have to deal with the technicalities; as they are being dealt by ITPL’s team.

We have separate plans for corporate, entrepreneurs, business houses and enterprises for the shared server platforms. Our shared web hosting plans are such that they can be used by individuals for their blogs or portfolios. We offer separate plans for companies wanting to launch e-shops or online stores. Or we have shared hosting plans for sites that house several heavily visited sites on single hosting accounts. All in all the reasons; though variegated; can help us to provide you with the platform that would enable you to run the site in the most effective manner.

ITPL provides both LINUX and Windows based platforms for the clients. LINUX is usually considered most safe and reliable than Windows. The clients that use PHP or MySQL languages for their websites usually choose LINUX Platform. These have high uptime rate and high maintenance factor, which makes them hugely popular with the clients. With LINUX; comes unlimited bandwidth capacity, good support system and as in comparison to Windows it is free, therefore it is highly preferable by the companies. Moreover it can be easily converted into Windows website without any difficulties. Thus ITPL provides solutions that are highly appropriate for its clients in accordance to their needs.