Life @ ITPL

Iknoor Technology Pvt. Ltd., as a company has a very strong ethical foundation. The company believes in imparting happiness and the work culture truly reflects it. It is a constant endeavour of the company to seek talent…a talent that can be groomed and blossomed! For that reason we continuously seek professionals that are creative, talented and ones that have a potential to grow.

We, therefore look forward to an enthusiastic approach that would help you to discover matchless career opportunities and take the uncharted path of success with us!

The work culture at ITPL is highly professional, stimulating, aggressive, vibrant and of course Stress Free!…..But that does not mean that we take our work lightly…rather we do not let work weigh us down; as that would impact the quality of results produced. On the other hand, we positively align the careers of our employees with the wider organizational goals. This helps in building up qualities of ownership and accountability in employees which is beneficial for both. It is also our constant endeavour to help our employees to maintain a fine balance between their personal and professional requirements. We, therefore, invite you to join us and grow with us!