Possibilities are endless and so does our solutions!

Print Designing is an integral part of the industry. Though we are living in a technology driven age with a lot of dependence on computers, however the eminence and the importance of print designs cannot be relegated. Print is a very powerful medium that offers “brand recall value” to the customers. A well designed “logo” or “brochure” can do the selling even when the sales meeting is over! This is the magic of the Print Media and Iknoor Technology provides these services with great efficacy. We provide cost effective, compelling, and communicative solutions that help in “up selling” a brand. Our team specializes in Flyers, Logos, Diaries, Catalogues, Calendars and Leaflet designing, and we also provide for corporate branding services in India.

The following kinds of print designs are our forte

Brochure Designing

Brochures are very effective marketing tools that can help take your company to a new height. Brochures have the capacity to turn potential customers into clients. Therefore the brochure designing team of ITPL goes out of its way to deliver results that are simply phenomenal. We first ANALYZE the objectives of the company; then select the TARGET AUDIENCE. Designs are subsequently delivered in accordance. Be it single fold brochure, three fold, double fold or book style brochures, we are capable of handling everything with ease to deliver assured results.

Logo Designing

Logos are the brand ambassadors of the company. A strong and powerful logo has the power to steer the company to the path of success. A well designed Logo is symptomatic of company’s Ethics and Quality. One can say that the red “M” of McDonalds and the half eaten apple logo of Apple is truly symbolic of quality and trust that the company has built with its clients. ITPL provides logos of similar stature; thereby providing strong corporate branding solutions.

Our creative and stylish logos take onto account the Objective and the Target Audience of the company before delving into designing of a corporate logo. ITPL’s team is aware that good logos can give the right kick start to your business, therefore small details like colours, fonts, text effects, and typography are given a lot of forethought. For example, being aware that; logos designed for kid’s website in pale colour’s may not be able to do justice to the company. Therefore our team delves into the details before chiselling out the best! We try to analyze how certain colours appeal to a certain set of audience; therefore after incorporating the best combination of colour and text we come to the most appealing logo…A logo that would be able to do the magical transformation for the audience! Thus one can say that ITPL’s team is highly adept at transforming the inanimate mundane ideas into captivating presentation that have the capacity to enthral the audience.

Leaflet Designing

ITPL is highly renowned for creating very effective Leaflet Designs as well. Our Leaflets are designed to create awareness amongst the people, direct people to our client’s site, promote a specific competition, product or offer, and tell the people about your USP. In order to achieve these ends we ensure that the leaflet size is apt to convey the message, the headlines and images are captivating, further short sentences with call to action language are used that ensure that the objective is achieved very well.