As the name suggests, Dedicated server gives a standalone server catering to the specific needs of the people. With this; the clients can have complete control on the operating system and great opportunity to accommodate high traffic on the sites. On the other hand Shared servers are meant for companies that are looking for cost effective hosting solutions. The results are therefore; cheap hosting facilities, but on the downside there is limited capacity that is available; and also there are high chances of the servers getting corrupted.

To counter the shortcomings of both Dedicated and Shared hosting facilities there is VPS facility that works on the principles similar to partitioning of the hard drive. Just as one can run individual operating systems on various partitions similarly the VPS platform operates. In this; each server has its own segregated operating system that is hosted on the same physical server by software called hypervisor.

The benefits of VPS are that it counters the shortcomings of the Shared Servers. Therefore all security loopholes, faulty scripts, spiked traffic regulations are kept at bay. And we all know that these can actually make your sites inaccessible to the customers. Also, since there is limited scope of customization therefore it does not require technical expertise as in the Dedicated hosting. Thus one gets the reliability of a dedicated platform but at a much lesser cost.

With ITPL there are many customized plans that are available that can be chosen in accordance to individual needs. ITPL offers VPS hosting facilities to small or medium level businesses that feel hampered by the constrains of Shared hosting but at the same time cannot afford the expansive monetary concerns that come with the Dedicated servers. In that regards VPS hosting is the mid path that can be chosen by the companies that are of medium level or are growing.

Doing it through ITPL ensures for maximised performance and easy accessibility of client’s websites; keeping the uptime as 100%. This further opens up greater business prospects for the clients. We also offer Managed VPS services with round the clock support system that can give you ensured peace of mind!